The AQUATIS Project

AQUA = Water
T = Earth = Innovation= Science

The AQUATIS platform encompasses three main elements:

Each building has its own identity whilst contributing to the harmony of the whole. 

An innovative project

Located in a region known for its competence in the field of water and the environment, AQUATIS can claim to be a scientific, technological, cultural and sustainable project. It is a project:

  • intended to bring nature into the town, make water and freshwater aquatic environments known and loved in order to better protect them
  • presented using digital technologies to reveal the rich biodiversity of our planet
  • integrated into a network of life and environment sciences through numerous cultural and scientific partnerships
  • designed to allow centralised management of the buildings, it brings intelligently into play the synergies and complementarities of the facilities, notably the car park, metro line, hotel and the Aquarium-Vivarium in order to minimise the impact on the environment
  • located strategically on a transport hub, it incites the use of environmentally-friendly means of transport
  • constructed with components optimised in terms of thermal performance using neutral fluids for the environment
  • connected to the remote heating system, based on the incineration of household waste, it allows the use of renewable energy with low greenhouse gas emissions.

The Aquarium-Vivarium

AQUATIS Aquarium - Vivarium Lausanne will invite visitors to a freshwater odyssey across the 5 continents. A spectacular view of the aquatic fauna and flora with 46 aquariums/terrariums/vivariums and 20 ecosystems

It is this rich diversity, between a fantastic voyage of discovery and a scientific approach that takes each visitor to the heart of the world’s aquatic environments creating a durable and emotional link with water, source of life on our planet.

Discover the journey