A fun proposal to celebrate your child's birthday! Through a visit accompanied by our team, our little visitors will be able to better understand the fascinating world of fish, snakes and frogs.

Thematic guided tours

Discover our brand new thematic guided tours!
As a family with "Legends" or with friends or as a couple with "Fake News", immerse yourself in a parallel world and untangle the real from the fake with our guides!

The Nursery

The Nursery area is part of the visit and accessible with a classic ticket. A journey to the heart of the AQUATIS mission.



The Aquatis Foundation offers cycles of conferences in order to disseminate knowledge and understanding.


Fear management

Fight arachnophobia, herpetophobia, batracophobia etc... with our dedicated workshops.


Discover also


Privatization, School, Tour Operators, ...
Would you like to benefit from offers adapted to your group visit to AQUATIS? We certainly have an attractive offer for you! 


Families are of paramount importance in our establishment and it is important to us to offer the best services for all generations. Aquatis Hotel combines leisure, education and pedagogy.

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Take a break at The Garden, the open restaurant located on the AQUATIS platform. Discover our dishes of the day, our suggestions of the week and our dishes to share in group or in family.