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Enjoy the largest freshwater Aquarium-Vivarium in Europe for an extraordinary experience. A unique and magical moment that will delight your guests and leave an unforgettable memory.

Between the tour route, with a total capacity of more than a hundred people, our private rooms and the terrace of the establishment, there is a wide choice.

A collective pleasure that will be talked about for a long time!


We offer many possibilities and customizations.

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  • Metro M2 station Lausanne-Vennes (10 minutes from the centre of Lausanne)
  • A9 motorway exit Lausanne-Vennes
  • Car parking available
  • Bus parking available

Option: guided tour

An adventure is total when it is shared: our experts in local and exotic fauna and flora will be happy to help you understand the subtlety of these ecosystems and above all to share their passions with you!


Description of the visit

Aquatis offers you the opportunity to discover freshwater ecosystems during a trip across five continents. Explore the rivers and ponds that dot the Rhône River from its source to its mouth, observe the jungles of Africa, Asia or the Amazon, study the world's most emblematic mangroves, marshes and lakes... And go in search of the animals that live there to study their adaptation to extraordinary lifestyles. With the help of a large number of explanatory videos and documents adapted to their school level, your students will also be invited to reflect on the ecological issues behind these enchanting shows in order to become, tomorrow, the actors of their protection.

Informations about the guided tour
  • Duration 90 minutes
  • Number of people: max. 20 per group
  • Public: from 10 years
  • Language: French, German, English, Italian, German, English
  • Price: 180 + admission to Aquatis

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Families are of paramount importance in our establishment and it is important to us to offer the best services for all generations. Aquatis Hotel combines leisure, education and pedagogy.


Immerse yourself with our boarders the piranhas that will keep you company during your meal!