AQUATIS offers you the opportunity to discover freshwater ecosystems for a journey across five continents. Explore the rivers and ponds along the course of the Rhône, from its source to its estuary, observe the jungles of Africa, Asia or the Amazon, study the emblematic mangroves, marshes and impressive lakes in the world … And search the animals that live there to study their adaptations to extraordinary lifestyles. With the help of a large number of explanatory videos as well as documents adapted to their educational level, your students are invited to reflect on the ecological issues behind these enchanting shows in order to become, tomorrow, actors in their protection.


Price: Entrance to Aquatis, group rate.

For the preparation of teachers, a maximum of 2 free entries (1 per person) is made available, provided that the reservation is firm and confirmed. Class teachers who do not meet these conditions will be refused free entry. If the class teacher comes alone for this preparation, only one entry will be granted.

To book, contact us at sales@aquatis.ch


Our other workshops

Educational workshop 6-8 years old

There is no accounting for tastes (and colours)! 2h30 of playful and didactic activities at the discovery of the shapes, the feeding habits and the habitats of fish.

Educational workshop 8-12 years old

My neighbour is a fish! 2h30 of playful and didactic activities at the discovery of the ecological needs and difficulties of our neighbour, the fish.

Educational workshop 12-15 years old

Environmental investigation in the land of the Corals. Students have 2h30 to find the causes of the invasion of the coral reef by a dangerous starfish, and figure out some solutions!

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Guided tour "Discovery"

An hour and a half of total immersion and fabulous discoveries in the company of our biologist guides.

Birthday Workshop

A playful proposal to celebrate your child's birthday! Through a visit accompanied by our team, our little visitors will be able to better understand the fascinating world of fish, snakes and frogs.