The term "Fake news" has flourished in the media in recent years and with the expansion of social networks and the ease of access to all information, we are surrounded by it all the time! But do we really know the truth of all this news? Fake news about animal species is just as plentiful... some of the truths we are absolutely certain of could turn out to be completely false!

Join our new "Fake news" tour on your own, as a couple or with friends. Accompanied by our guide, find out what is true and what is not!

Practical info

  • The "Fake News" guided tour starts at the time indicated on your ticket and lasts 55 minutes. Make sure you have a valid ticket when the tour starts.
  • We suggest that you arrive at the tour meeting point 10-15 minutes before the tour starts. In case of delay, no refund of the guided tour can be made. See our general terms and conditions.
  • The meeting point for the departure of the guided tour is marked by a "meeting point" flag located in the AQUATIS hall, next to the pushchair parking area to the right of the turnstiles allowing access to the tour route.
  • The "Fake News" guided tour is based on the AQUATIS tour route to give you a different view of it, but is not a presentation of the whole tour route. We strongly advise you to visit the entire tour before or after your guided tour.
  • At the end of your thematic tour, our guides will take you back to the beginning of the tour.
  • Your entrance ticket for the tour is valid for the whole day. You have the option of leaving the tour. Simply visit our shop and you will be given a ticket. You can rejoin the tour by presenting the voucher at the ticket office.
  • The "Fake news" guided tour is available in French only.
  • The "Fake news" guided tour is accessible and suitable for children aged 10 and over.

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