The exhibition

What do we need individually and socially, ecologically, economically and politically to be happy? What do we really mean by happiness, well-being or satisfaction? And how can we achieve this?

Global Happiness takes the form of a journey through a garden. Six pavilions make up the exhibition in which visitors can measure their level of happiness, visit the flat of a young minimalist, walk through a visionary neighbourhood in Santiago, Chile, or discover the Gross National Happiness: an indicator of happiness that exists in Bhutan.

The positive changes on a global scale and the possibilities for concrete action within everyone's reach are presented in the exhibition. Each pavilion explores the different factors that make up happiness and demonstrates that sustainable happiness is possible. After all, happiness and sustainability are closely linked.

This is an exciting and entertaining exhibition on a subject that affects us all!


Helvetas is committed to a just world in which people determine the course of their lives in dignity and security by using natural resources sustainably and preserving the environment. Helvetas is an independent Swiss development cooperation organisation that provides aid to the self and thus makes real change possible in some 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

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AQUATIS is a platform for exchange that promotes the protection of ecosystems and sustainable development. This vision is reflected in all of its conservation, research and knowledge dissemination missions. Positioned as a real society forum, a place for exchange and debate, find here all our conferences and events.

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